Skip Bags

Skip Bags with Free Delivery

Pick up a Fitzgerald Skip Bag from Fitzgerald’s Recycling Centre, Limerick V94 A039, or call us to have it delivered to your door for free. Fill your skip bag at your convenience in a location that suits you. Arrange collection of your Fitzgerald Skip Bag for free within three months.

Benefits of the Fitzgerald Skip Bag:

  • Pick up a Fitzgerald Skip Bag at a location that suits you!
  • We can deliver the Skip Bag to you for free.
  • Store the bag until you are ready to use it.
  • Fill the bag gradually as and when you require.
  • Fill the bag in a location that suits you!
  • Arrange for collection when you are finished with the bag!

The mini skip bag is intended for the disposal of ordinary household, garden and building waste only. Hazardous or toxic materials such as asbestos, motor tyres, batteries, oil, pesticides, clinical waste, fridges, freezers or gas bottles are not permitted for disposal in the mini skip bag. Failure to comply with this may put you in breach of environmental laws, and will result in the non-collection of your skip bag or higher charges. For any further queries relating to permitted waste materials please contact our office.

Check the bag after unpacking it and ensure that you avoid puncturing or tearing it when using it. Do not use the bag to dispose of sharp objects, hot ashes or any other materials that might damage it.

Position the bag in your desired location before you start filling it. You may not be able to move it later due to the weight of the material in it and any attempt to move it may result in damage to the bag or to yourself.

Please take into consideration the following details:

  1. The bag will be collected by a large truck equipped with a crane to lift it.
  2. The truck will need to be within 4 metres of the bag while it is stationed on a public or private road. This is because the crane cannot reach beyond 4 metres (13 ft) from the truck.
  3. In order for the crane to operate, the bag must be placed well clear of any walls, fences, trees, overhead wires or anything else that might be an obstruction.

When filling the bag, distribute the weight evenly. Initially fold down the side of the bag to make it more rigid and easier to fill. Once there is some waste deposited in the bag, pull up the four sides. Do not overfill or overload the bag above the top edge. The maximum weight allowed is 1.25 tonnes. For example, if you are filling it with heavy soil or rubble, this weight would equal to a bag 2/3rd full.

The Fitzgerald Mini Skip Bag is intended only for hire and is not for sale. The bag remains the property of Fitzgerald Skip Hire at all times and is not authorised for any other use or by a 3rd party.
Please note that a €20 deposit is to be paid if collecting the bag from one of our stockists.

Our office is open Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm and Saturday 8am – 1pm. We are closed on bank holidays.
Please inform us of the type of waste (i.e. household, garden, building waste) you have in the skip bag before collection, and the location of your bag and your credit/debit card details for payment. Please allow up to 10 working days for collection of your bag.